Risk based execution management approach with systematic review and selection of preferred options using solid execution principles to eliminate, prevent, control and mitigate risk associated with Hazards, minimizing any impact on facilities or environment or people.
Hazard identification, frequency estimation, consequences analysis, risk assessment and treatment techniques to execute project with decision on selection of partners/vendors/contractors with a proper demonstration that final outcome of efforts reduces all risks to facility, environment and people to as low as reasonably practical with a solid management approach with a mission and vision to deliver a project considering the best interests of all stake holders.

Scouting the right technologies and selecting the right partners are among key elements to achieve project purposes, in all segments of Oil & Gas. Our teams work on clients' projects, ensuring that timelines are met and cost for delays or low-quality are limited to a minimum: Our team plan, check, monitor, assess, advise and report on every phase of the contract execution, in order to guarantee that client's satisfaction is met.

Below are some of the stand alone services we provide:

  • FEED/Design Review/Validation/
  • Cold Eye review of proposals from Contractors
  • Assessment and Selection of Contractors/Fabricators
  • Documentation Set up and Support
  • Assessment of Contractor Progress and Recommendations
  • Contractor Audits and Reviews of Processes
  • Business Risk Opportunity Assessment
  • Technical Training
  • Productivity review and Recommendations
  • Method study with in depth review of work processes
  • Fabrication and Construction Management Support
  • Facilitate Workshops – HAZOP/HAZID etc.
  • Procedures/Method statement preparation and review
  • Project health checks – review of progress and risk
  • Project Start up assistance, resource mobilization and empowerment
  • Cold Eye review of bids/proposals/capital investments