• A metal deck to support a thick layer of insulation at the very top of the internal of LNG tank
  • It has derived its name as it is suspended from the Roof Rafter supported from vertical hangers
  • Its primary function is to take load of insulation and provide necessary access of tank pumps, nozzles etc.


  • The components of the CRYODECK are lightweight but extremely strong
  • High-quality, marine grade aluminum alloys are compatible with most petroleum products
  • All aluminum construction is non-corrosive assuring a long service-free life
  • All aluminum welding performed in the shop under controlled conditions
  • No specific testing needs as joins warrant by design as well as workmanship
  • Delivery can be expedited to ensure project needs are always fulfilled where it possible
  • Easier to train worker and operators for any OPEX issue
  • Proven in Industry to be the best provider of Aluminum products for any such project needs
  • With Aluminum products Litany Energy Services Pte. Ltd has enough experience to install the product in the best optimal project duration