Through Engagement, Awareness, Coaching and Operational Support, Litany Energy Zero Incidence Process facilitates sustainable safety performance with continuous engagement of all levels.

With the dedication and engagement of leaders throughout the organization we begin to recognize and believe why working safely is no less important than meeting production goals, the ZIP TM Process will articulate a strategy roadmap which develops a cultural journey toward improvement of overall performance.

The ZIP TM Process is a systematic approach that allows to work from very ground level assessing the mindsets and attitude with a establishment of frame work with commitment from Leaders with showcase of strong engagement with leading through examples. Litany Energy ZIP TM Implementation, the framework for Continuous Improvement.

Responsibility Awareness

Embarking ZIP TM journey which will start with making aware that each individuals are responsible for all what in within their control irrespective of actions and location. This will formulate a responsibility with a mindset of taking control of situation at work or at home.

Risk Management

Each task/activities will be reviewed by each personality with an attitude that if you aware and you can visualize it then you are in position to manage it. It pursuit of development of self-confidence that every task will have risk and individual will have management approach toward it to eliminate or avoid or minimize it.


ZIP TM approach will ensure that each individual is engaged specially those are in leading positions. It is critical an engagement with an approach that will facilitate any diffusion of stress associated giving and building self-confidence around the team being worked on.


Individuals who are part of any operations an approach is required to be developed which cultivate a positive energy obtaining better results. The attitude that if a person is in control and aware of all risk, then all actions based on how it is being driven. Once that attitude is embedded in action, the outcome is far more superior.

Personal Commitment

Individuals leaders, doers, all when have a personal commitment towards an action each and every time to do it better and make it for controlled manner. ZIP TM focuses on this commitment with a systematic need theories which makes individuals responsible for their actions towards a safe environment of all `involved.

Cultural Development

With ZIP TM there will be an assessment of overall safety culture of organization and with all commitment, awareness, change in attitude and personal commitment, keeping in mind the diversity and other aspects of business, process will able change the safety culture of overall organization.